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A multi-hyphenate producer hailing from Chicago and currently based in New York City. Brent is a firm believer in creating your own opportunities and is committed to creating works that align with his passions and beliefs. 

Through storytelling, Brent advocates for the livelihoods that deserve space in media and society. He aims to create works that both enlarge and resemble the real, multifaceted, and vivid lives of Black, Brown, Queer, and Trans people. With an emphasis on accessing and restoring narratives lost, dismissed, and untold

In his career, Brent has served multiple roles and positions across leading media and film outlets; HBO, VICE, Freeform, Buzzfeed, Quibi, and more. Most recently he field produced a new eight-episode Disney cable and Hulu docuseries, The Come Up

He has also had the pleasure of working with brands such as Pinterest, General Motors, Hugo Boss, and Unilver on creating content that marries the brands with culture in ways that ignite conversations while also celebrating diversity

Currently, Brent is taking freelance projects and hiding out in Brooklyn with his puppy, Birkin.​

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