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Minority Reports is a VICE produced Docu-Series dedicated to exploring communities of underrepresented individuals in some of the most unexpected places. Brent joins the producing team of Minority Reports to investigate the seemingly rise of Young Black Conservatives.

President Trump garnered more votes from black voters than both Mitt Romney and John McCain. In this episode of Minority Reports, VICE's Lee Adams travels to the first ever Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington DC to investigate the driving forces behind the Young Black Conservative Movement, and to understand how disillusionment with the democratic party is slowly building within black communities across America.


notes from behind the scenes, Brent:

With this piece, our primary goal was to lean into the lived experiences of these individuals, and less into political rhetoric, to get an understanding of the scarifies made when living your "truth."

While filming our producing team encountered numerous folks on both the "Left" and "Right" side of politics. We realized that the coverage around this topic was relatively dense and how beneficial it would be to capture further conversations beyond the larger Documentary. So as a companion piece, we gathered both Black Conservatives and Liberals in dialogue around broader themes discussed in our Documentary, as well as other relevant events/topics that directly relate to race, class ideologies.

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