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Women Discuss Trump, #MeToo & Feminism

Progressive and conservative women hash it out in the VICE office.

What does it mean to identify as a feminist? How has Me Too impacted women around the world? Where does abortion wrap up into the broader idea of feminism? What about LGBTQ and trans rights? Who voted for Hillary Clinton, and who voted for Donald Trump?


Notes from behind the scenes, BRENT:

When me and my Producing Partner, Molly Werth, first pitched the idea of conducting roundtables, we were met with hesitation and skepticism; "Will people want a 5-6 minute video of just talking" "will this resonate with our audience?" "are people interested in political heavy talk based videos?"

The short answer: "yes."

As we learned from the success of Black Conservatives vs. Black Liberals, people are interested in multilayered/intersectional folks discussing their life experiences with people who think differently than them. So working with the same idea, we engaged several women from all walks of life, class, sexuality, and binaries, to discuss what Feminism means to them (and of course, other cultural topics that directly relate to women's issues)

Featuring some familiar faces; Youth Advocate, Deja Foxx. Author and Speaker, Blair Imani. Transgender Rights Advocate, Nala Simone, and Political Strategist, Kat Murti.

CLICK HERE, for the Extended Cut.

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