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Slutever Season 02

Vogue sex columnist and contributor Karley Sciortino leaps from page to screen as she challenges outdated ideas around sexuality & gender by placing herself at the very center. Sciortino explores intimacy and immerses the viewer, so they get the chance to learn and laugh while also gaining self-awareness through her comprehensive guide to sex and everything taboo.

Notes from behind the scenes; BRENT

I am immensely proud to have been a part of the Season Two producing team of Slutever. Working alongside Karley was a dream, and I am proud of what we all created together. Season Two was my introduction to the show. Once joining, quickly learned that creatively, we were tasked with creating content that would resonate beyond our White/Female audience. Through many development and pitch meeting, we landed on topics, that I feel, pushed the boundaries on what VICELAND/this show would typically tackle. This season we have episodes on Bisexuality -- through which we also discuss the stigma and trauma that comes along with being Bisexual and of Color. Pet Play -- where we focus on the creation and bond of Community through what is seemingly "taboo." Also, Sugar Babies -- where we have an honest conversation about Sex Work and how to make sex work safe.

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