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SKATOPIA: The Anarchists Skatepark [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

In 2010 Brewce Martin suffered a traumatic brain injury that put him into a coma for more than six weeks. Since awakening from the coma, family and loved ones can attest that Brewce has never quite been the same. Due to injuries and complications from the accident, Brewce is no longer able to skate and has to acclimate to his impaired mobility. To help steer his father back to health and also take reigns of the family business, Brewce's son, Brandon has returned home.

VICE travels to Skatopia to tell the history of Skatopia and see the changing of the guard - how this father and son manage to see eye to eye when it comes to the family legacy and how to keep Skatopia relevant - and how this might be emblematic of the changes in skate culture today.

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