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Smokers are Fight Club events that the NYPD has a long tradition of holding -- a tradition that dates back to an earlier time in NYC Police Culture. The events have been held in an effort to maintain company morale and squash beefs/petty feuds between cops.

VICE follows Dave Siev, an NYPD Lieutenant on the cusp of retirement, as he organizes Fight Night at Madison Square Garden. Siev has been spearheading Smokers for the NYPD since the 90s.During the day he protects and serves as one of NYC’s finest; when off the clock, he organizes matches and fights amongst his cadets and sergeants. VICE was along to witness fights including a rivalry among two neighboring precincts, and some unfinished business between two cops on the same force

Notes from behind the scenes; BRENT

This was my first Solo Produced Documentary with VICE -- who would've thought it would be something as hyper-masculine as Cops fighting Cops (HA). Working on this Doc gave me a new perspective into the sport of Boxing and what it can do for aggression and acting as a form of release. It was such a surreal (and sometimes unreal) experience working closely with the NYPD in this capacity. With the help of two Field Producers; Molly Wertheimer and Jaime Chew we were able to do the UNTHINKABLE in just *two shoot days*

Watch the full documentary, HERE

Social Cut Down, HERE

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