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Black Liberals vs Black Conservatives

VICE invited Black Conservatives and Liberals to our Headquarters in Brooklyn to discuss their political ideologies in an effort to foster a productive conversation across the aisle.


Notes from behind the scenes, BRENT:

The inception of this video comes from hours and hours of research I conducted for Minority Report: Young Black Conservatives. After countless pre-interviews with potential on-camera experts, contributors and just general conversation held while in the field, our producing team realized how nuanced and untouched this conversation has been. We felt that our larger Documentary on Young Black Conservatives could benefit from a companion piece that dives deeper into the broader themes discussed in, the full-length piece.

When casting it was essential to identify voices often unheard and far more marginalized within this space. Voices like HIV Advocate, George Johnson. Openly Gay and Conservative Military Veteran, Rob Smith. Afro Latina Filmmaker Nydia Symone and radical female republican, Bevelyn Beatty. AND MORE!

CLICK HERE for the Extended Cut.

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